PERCEIVER MADNESS” NOTE: see also www.organicleader.org God’s KINGDOM ORDER with a complementary, similar unfolding topic)


(in light of lengthy, possibly confusing for at least some,  last blog)

How to handle each of our PERCEPTIVE, DISCERNER, SEEKER, even SEER GIFTS  without going off into any extreme weirdness  AND by  choosing to remain in BALANCE to both the natural, practical, wise REALM OF REAL LIFE while at the same time GROWING, DISCERNING and with God’s Help, Prayer, Time and Good Mentoring/ Patient Practice, every SOOO SLOOOWLY developing YOUR (God’s granted by HIS Free  Grace) PERCEIVER GIFTING.

“God is a spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth” John 4:24 

“…there are many voices in the world, and each one has significance.” I Corinthians 14:10

While we are alive on this earth,there are two real realms of PERCEPTION and INTERACTION whether or not we like to believe it.

The writer calls one realm the NATURAL real realm (earth, existence, relationships)

and the other real realm the SUPERNATURAL PERCEIVED, DISCERNED God Realm.

MAIN POINT: while the NATURAL realm is handled, seen, touched,felt and is for the most part concrete, tactile and yet malleable (one can move around the particles to form,fashion many other earthly things), it also has situations which arise which will force each HUMAN to have to resort to contemplating if there is SOMETHING or a SOMEONE who exists past their own human, finite realm. So emergencies, fear, sickness, death, wars, social problems, and relationships all have the CRISIS /DEATH POTENTIAL which God uses to draw PEOPLE to Him or to get them to make up their own realistic minds to go it ALONE or to turn to what the Bible teaches as a “false god.”

Though this is NOT a simple one paragraph explanation, the writer hopes that at least it will STIR UP each reader’s own THOUGHTS.

POINT: The Earth is a finite realm. No human ever leaves this planet alive.
POINT: So in order to get over to both the PERCEIVED and DISCERNED real realms of our hearts, spirits and human souls, we need to practice 1) taking responsibility to when it’s our time to GO by planning for that event, much like going to the AAA to get a map, to have your journey all envisioned, game planned, just in case, you may need it long before you expect to.

For more regarding Eternal Decisions: www.organicleader.org  our other unfurling ministry blog: HOLY SPIRIT KINGDOM ORDER, begin Aug 2 and following on after that)

Thus it is very beneficial to adjust and to prepare for the Final Departure.
The apprehension and fear can be totally alleviated by UNDERSTANDING Who and What lies on the Other Side. AND by learning to tap into The ONLY ONE Who created it all, Who set up the Solar System, gravity, natural and spiritual well known and yet to be discovered earthly /spiritual LAWS and REALMS,while abiding on this Terra Firma (natural earth) ground.

POINT: This requires addressing, understanding what lies BEYOND this mortal, human, earthly reality seen,touched, worked, abiding REALM.

POINT: And where in the world, can you find any big successful man built corporation, business system, television station, education, governmental existing SYSTEM, that does not have a written Training Manual, with it’s headquarters, basic order written out, with hierarchy, titles, official departments and list of requirements, office and job performance high standards, as well as a system of awards or prices to pay for poor or failure to perform up to standard, even poor behavior, and PROMOTION or DISMISSAL. (and many more)

AND what good NATURAL leadership SYSTEM would allow bias, bigotry, racism, genderism to remain without some declaration and action from Top Upper Management? And surely it would be forbidden in the Handbook that was created and handed out to all the employees and future leaders.

THUS: In our own need to COMPREHEND, to FULLY UNDERSTAND and to PROPERLY assist US in weeding out what is SEEN and UNSEEN, in GOVERNING our own DISCERNER, PERCEIVER inner SELF, we must balance the PERCEIVER, DISCERNING, DEEPLY INTUITIVE yet truly very SUBJECTIVE REALM (which exists deep inside each our our HEART) by something that we can see, examine, pursue,even Study, do research and get others opinions and wise teaching. AND there ought to be a CORPORATION TRAINING MANUAL which is a TIE BREAKER for the many “shades of gray” questions which do come about during real life.

In the case of study of the relationship/interaction of both the REAL NATURAL EARTHLY HUMAN REALM and what lies BEYOND, then the Bible is the Highest Corporate Office Totally Official Guidebook and the ONLY  True Real Lasting One.

(and at that point, one must either take the “leap of childlike faith” to fully BELIEVE that and then YIELD TO that …or else not)

The writer has believed on God’s Holy Bible,and allowed it to be her compass, decision maker, and great source of supernatural strength, Godly wisdom, balance and enormous PRACTICAL HUMAN APPLICATION for 35 more years.

SO she is experienced BUT, along the way has had her own weaknesses,many mistakes, loss of balance but then finally realized EACH AND EVERY HUMAN is going to be the exact same way. And that is how God freed the (formerly highly perfectionist, fearing making any mistakes) writer from living in both perpetual feelings of GUILT and ANGST, to super slowly (along God’s Way) reveal to her that this Life (private, personal) is ALL ONLY achieved through HIS GREAT GRANTED FREE LIFE LONG GRACE.


To enter FROM the natural,earthly realm, one must use the inborn, God granted, DISCERNER, PERCEIVER realms: (for ones who do not have a pre existing idea about this, we shall teach a more clear picture in a coming day. There is no time for that right now)

We end today with these Mind Expanding Bible Verses.

“God is a spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth” John 4:24 

1. To get close to the living GOD one must gain SPIRITUAL ACCESS. However, one can get ACCESS (entrance into perceiving His presence, that you have His attention) YET fail to fully submitted to Him, meaning to fully comply in order to PLEASE him and get all of the rewards, many big blessings described in the The Heavenly Hand Book (Holy BIble). AND even more importantly, not be regarded by HIMSELF as a “True Worshipper” which implies that you won’t be allowed Entrance to what the Bible refers to as the NARROW GATE, and thus not allowed into Eternal Heaven on your last Day of Life.

SUMMARY: Yes, God is happy when we do come to him, pray to him in the SPIRITUAL SENSE

SUMMARY: BUT John 4: 24 reiterates what another famous Bible verse also teaches, “Faith without works is dead.”

CONCLUSION: Once again Creator God places one more BIG LIFE DECISION into your and my own decision making hearts. And the only Way we can even logically approach making the Decision is through invisible, choice through sheer childlike BLIND HEART FAITH.

VERSE: “There are many voices in the world and each one has significance.” I Corinthians 14:10

Question: So HOW do we weed out all  of the many spiritual and real voices we hear in this world?

CHECK BACK for next blog AUG 22 8 AM CT, when we discuss HOW we PROCESS natural, perceived information, discussion of Assertive /Receiving Type A/B/AB ministry, lay leaders.

Following that:PERCEIVER GIFTS GONE AWRY: Sub Series :  we believe that this will prove to be  a very interesting kernel teaching, to assist leaders in their teaching; to preserve Bible relationships in church, Godly marriage, home, and Christ following true community. AUG 24 THE HISTORY OF PHARISEEICAL SIN SPYING


then…PERCEIVER’S GONE HAYWIRE: Envy, Jealousy, Accusation, Fear, Spooky, Overly self introspective/Overly Personal Gift ME Centered, , Clear Seerish Perfectionism/Coldness, Demon Overly Conscious, Leader Big GIfts VS Character, Integrity MANY MORE..

Excerpt from GOVERNING YOUR PERCEIVER GIFTING (C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy Celebration of His Word Books, All rights reserved under international copyright laws.



“PERCEIVER MADNESS” NOTE: see also www.organicleader.org God’s KINGDOM ORDER with a complementary, similar unfolding topic)


Aug 21 OVER VIEW restated, it is such a complex topic, that we want to leave no bases uncovered, meaning in the laying a Bible foundational sense

HOW PERSONALITY TYPES REGARD PERCEPTION, DISCERNMENT (leader assertive, leaders very laid back) Aug 22

Following that:  Posting: The Phariseeical History of Sin Spying (PERCEIVER GIFTS GONE AWRY)

Later: MANY MORE PERCEIVER GIFTS GONE AWRY with subjects like envy/jealousy/spooky spiritual/overly introspective, loss of supernatural leader power ,etc

Excerpt from the new book: GOVERNING YOUR PERCEIVER GIFTING (C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy Celebration of His Word Books, All rights reserved under international copyright laws.



TODAY I would like to continue the SECOND part in our SERIES (which began : Monday August 19 about GOVERNING YOUR PERCEIVER GIFTING.”

Once again, this is intended to be  a SERIES of TD Blog posts concerning the deep in’s and out’s of being born with (blessed with, not as in cursed in having one) what I will name GOVERNING YOUR PERCEIVER GIFTING (C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy Celebration of His Word Books All copyrights reserved

I would ask that you please take time to check what lies inside YOUR own heart, to prepare to HEAR CLEARLY and to be able to decide IF what the writer is teaching is or is NOT true.

FIRST: Please review the Discernment and Perception prior blog, posted on August 16 and forward.

 And yes, today’s installment is super LONG. BUT needed.


1. When discussing mental, spirit, perceptive, seer, gifting we need to fully understand that this is not a science when one may hand out FORMULAS. Each human person who has been made by GOD is equally valid, extremely important but amazingly SPECIAL and UNIQUE.

AND God intentionally fashioned many more intuitive, perceptive in basic nature than many others, whom He fully intended to be primarily analytical, logical and black and white, with a harder tolerance for what they may feel is “too emotional” or “getting way too out there, too spooky.”

And in both  sets of God made Humans, due to culture, lack of knowledge, lack of sound Bible based understanding, the fear of losing control  or of missing it, making a big fool of oneself OR a fear of falling into nonBiblical error (this writer’s own once big fears)..there is a whole LIST of pressures, fears, as well as God sent VS devil also sent PERCEPTIVE/DISCERNMENT needs to pin point to help each of us NOT lose Bible balance and get either flakey, goofy, or turn superior, icey, elite, and super spiritual about OUR OWN SPIRITUAL GIFTING.

Though the writer was raised NON charismatic, prophetic or pentecostal, still both of her parents, both of her grandmothers, who each descended from full of Godly Bible genuine faith, were natural, very genuine and NOT one but super spiritual nor flakey, still were daily GUIDED, by God’s Holy Spirit “inward witness” from the first memories of this writer, who remembers her mother’s mother, Boo, asking the Lord to help her find a parking spot.

So “perceiving, discerning” the inward witness of the Lord is nothing without also serving both spiritual, intuitive, directional which is also PRACTICAL. As one needs to get precise direction from the LORD all along Life’s sometimes hard, problematic WAY. Yet above all of that is needing to be truly prepared for what lies AFTER we all leave this Planet. NOBODY can escape entering into “ETERNITY” be it ONE hot, dark eternal PLACE or another, HAPPY,LOVING, JOYFUL eternal place.

FOR more deep thought provoking ETERNAL DECISION TYPE SELAH: www.organicleader.org HOLY SPIRIT KINGDOM ORDER unfolding teaching

Start with blogs on AUG 2, 2013 onward. 


1. Writers’ reasons which sparked her to Bible study this topic (AUG 19)

2. Realms of perception one person or another MAY or MAY not need to realize about:

  • The existence of either HEAVEN  or HELL and how to  enter one and avoid the other***
  • Either accepting Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior, or rejecting Him, and turning toward another false way ***

***NOTE: this we shall not go deeply into in this BLOG as we have covered it in deep depth on the www.organicleader.org HOLY SPIRIT KINGDOM ORDER beginning Aug 2- onward…So please study that.)

  • After accepting Jesus Christ, which is technically being saved, born again, God places a deposit of His Holy Spirit inside the born again persons Human SPIRIT.  And this then gives them the God’s granted GRACE (free, not achieved, not desired by good works) to then PRAY, ASK GOD FOR DIRECTION/EVEN HELP but then to find out from the FATHER, who they are (meaning in the deepest destiny, person hood, creative, ministry, business, family, personal deep SENSE) which is what THIS blog is about.
  • YET, that is not a fast food, microwave PROCESS. It is unfolding, and happens along God’s Narrow Way (see the other recommended blog about that Narrow Gate.
  • I presume that the Reader has now made the decision to follow the Risen Savior, and is now committed to walk on the Narrow Way VS the Broad Way that the Bible teaches “ends in destruction.”
  • Yet, that is none of the writer’s business, but having made that Eternal Choice, it will be the key help factor as we continue discussing YOUR GIFTING. The only reason WHY? Because to if YOU want to “hear the voice of the Good Shepherd who gives LIFE to His sheep” then one must KNOW, and TRUST the Shepherd.
  • As I continue to explain, this is a great BIble verse to PRAY and FULLY CLAIM by faith: “My sheep will know my voice and the voice of the stranger they will not follow.”
  • “Test the spirits to see if they come from God” JAMES 3:17 “The wisdom that comes from above is first of all PURE, PEACEABLE, EASILY ENTREATED, FULL OF MERCY and GOOD FRUITS, without PARTIALITY and without HYPOCRISY. ” 
  • For the apprehensive I Timothy 1:7 “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of POWER, LOVE and a SOUND MIND.”


1. The realm of personal Salvation

2. The realm of Bible study, logos, renewing your own mind by long term indepth BIble training

3. The realm of thought, decisions, daily problem solving, deciding between ONE choice or another similar one, big career, marriage, senior ministry big decisions, overseer /business  owner/head of family /senior 5 fold office ministry business /dealing with persons, finances, making goals, and DESTINY ongoing discoveries  and dealing with the twists and turns , may surprises, dilemmas of this Fallen Real Life world.

4. SOME will move from making many choices, practicing daily God’s guidance, to then PERCEIVE, DISCERN that God may have a CALL TO MINISTRY on their life.
This Bible study deals with that also.

5. There is a realm of God’s Spirit which is rooted in one of the Bible ministry Ephesians 2 /4 “5 fold ministry offices” and that is the OFFICE of the PROPHET.

And this writer walks in all of the 5 offices. The pastor being her least gifting.
And while certainly NOT raised in /around any of this in the Southern Baptist faith, God directed her into the praying in the spirit in her junior year in college, but then He started her into what is named by many as “the prophetic” in 1991.

What she observed, learned, watched, and saw, both WONDERFUL but also WACKY, UNLOVING or TOO OVER NAVEL GAZING (super spiritual, way too over introspective, even UNLOVING, ME SUPER CENTERED) stimulated her to teach BALANCE and to point out that while JESUS CHRIST walked as the main SENIOR OFFICE OF THE PROPHET of all times, that HE embodied James 3:17 (see above) but also Acts 10:38

“JESUS  WENT ABOUT DOING GOOD healing all who were oppressed by the devil” Acts 10:38

…and after seeing a lot of super senstivity, self promotion and superiour lack of genuine relatable CHRIST LIKE LOVE, the writer shall later examine REVELATION 19:10″ The testimony of JESUS is the spirit of prophecy.”

MAIN POINT: There is a big difference in what the Bible teaches as the “spirit of prophecy” (we shall expound on what that means..but at another time, but basically it means an impression one is given from the Holy Spirit with a message that “edifies, comforts and strengthens” (while this is at the most personal, lay, minister first level, we all understand that this gift may also manifest in varies ways and degrees. (from the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY in an message in tongues in a corporate meeting/which would be followed by a person who interprets, OR Bible history as it unfolds (for example) regarding the End Times, nation of Israel, more.

BUT the last 2 will not be discussed as they are NOT the writer’s calling.

SHE will however, discuss the human, daily, but 5 fold office realms.

BUT just for now we say 1) there is a world of difference between the spirit of Holy Spirit wisdom, revelation, spirit of prophecy and a person who “walks in the office of the prophet.”

(NOTE: For this ministry teaching, we describe the OFFICE OF THE PROPHET  is only WORKED IN A PERSON by the LORD and during a over all process that requires TIME, repeated SIFTING, HARDSHIPS and making many MISTAKES, more)

This is a verse points to a SEER, OFFICE OF THE PROPHET and perhaps farther on, we can discuss HOW this happens, as it is a prophetic GIFTING which God uses, but never for personal advantage or voyeurism.

Yet, there are various levels of the OFFICE of the PROPHET; in local churches, Christ Following communities, and national Bible offices, which the Bible teaches on as “giving a word from the Lord to the head of the nation, all of the people of a nation” and/or “a God given WORD for “those who have ears to hear.” (more later not time for  it today!!)

I list it as God reminded me to post it, but it is to stimulate that YES, God does use the SUPERNATURAL but never in the realm that produces FEAR, SPYING or for personal ELEVATION, SUPERIOR SPIRITUAL SELF SERVING PRIDE.


What Sparked the Writer To Bible Study: Personal Life “Perceiver” Background

After being raised in a emotionally mature, parentally/God secure loving perceiver (but not dependent or pentecostal or charismatic, but Southern Baptists, who descended from Presbyterian on my dear Mother’s perceiver basic side and my dear  Dad, who came from hearty Methodist, Southern Baptist, country physicians, deep south, educators, among them teachers, principals, superintendent of very small public school districts.

AND it was not on anybody’s high priority list to ACHIEVE being any kind of gifted PERCEIVER/DISCERNER. It was simply a part of God’s Word, the Bible, and it to each one of them, matter of daily Real Earthly Life: seeking personal, family guidance in family and business, doing the Lord’s Work and not being killed off early by the Enemy, whom each one, none of the back then tongue speakers, truly UNDERSTOOD was very near and present.

And also because I never once THOUGHT of “book of Acts theology” until very much later, when I was led by the Spirit of the Lord to study, actively Bible study, even hang out under what was the “Holy Spirit anointing” for prayer, healing and worship (even lively dancing and /or relaxing under the peaceful Holy Spirit power) (starting about the early 1990’s AND because (to show my deep respect for my Southern Baptist, Godly true Christ follower parents) I never ever heard ONE (zero) biased word in our house or their senior pastor ministry AGAINST any tongue prayers, or even any other Christian name brands, OR any nonbelievers much less any bigoted, racist or gender biased, and/or anti any government, ministry leader or TV personality …in my life.

IT was not until being called into the public regional area wide pioneering ministry that, when I was not among similar like minded board members, senior ministers, God picked pastor friends, wise advisors, BUT out with all of the “Christian Name Brands” That I was  ever exposed to anti ANYONE religious bias, spirit of division and then later had my very first female leader experience with what this writer now has coined as Levitical Patriarchism, (OT legalism prejudice, apostolic fear) of females leaders.

And beginning 1996,  the year that the Lord began to send her OUTSIDE her own home sphere on senior pioneering ministry engagements, the Lord allowed her to visit among born again Christians, to notice how various areas, regions, wide cities, can have very different methods, doctrines and spiritual (not all kind, positive) influences, some occult, some winds of doctrine, others simply bigotry or unkind partiality.

SHe was grateful to have been blessed by her parents, and all of her board members, pastor circle of wise advisors, mature intercessors and helpers.

And after the writer began to notice a shift toward “pioneering ministry achievement, prestige and accompanying winds of leader doctrines, 3-4 times (spread out over 20 years) the writer was accosted, jumped in a public setting, without ever being addressed privately, personally or even upfront confronted by   a single style of immature attack religious doctrine (perhaps needing to become well know) Wannabes.

And due to her big experience in her ability to respect , to trust leader, and REAL MANLY MAN leaders (not just females) God used that to have HER to let the Lord search HER own heart “to see if there was any wicked way in her” but also to BIble Study (from then until this present day) in “Noble Berean Jews Healthy Leader Style” ALL their doctrines, and then the many prophetic, charismatic, pentecostal, evangelical, and those who are from low level ministry to very high national strength NON grass roots levels.

And what the writer is now teaching about has been learned and witnessed for both some VERY POOR but also some excellent and valuable Truly Worthy.
ANd she submits this to each Worthy Reader, in Noble Berean pick it apart (non attack but James 3:17) fashion.

And after being repeatedly sent by the Lord to our most deep south state, the writer, first encountered PERCEIVER DISCERNER Christian believers, who first named their other fellow Christians, even pastors, as “witches, warlocks” and “Jezebels” …it seemed to hear back then innocent ears, like a lot of dark, fear, evil based, even producing apostolic paranoia: it was SO spooky but SO “accuser enabling.”

Upon my return I was inspired by the Lord to write a leadership article “Psychic Star Wars and the Body of Christ‘ (I may see if I can find it and reprint it). BUT it was the first time EVERY when I started to feel that maybe attending at least SOME of God’s Houses were NOT the safest place for LEADER APOSTOLIC REAL WOMAN.

(and as I have now studied the non fearful, organic Apostle Paul who wrote “in nothing be afraid of your adversaries,” BUT who also penned the Letter to the Ephesians, which was located in the same town as the 50K Mega Cult of the Temple Diana was located, (talk about Jezebel City!) yet HE nor any other of the First Chief Apostles carried the burden of unclean demon suspicious spying on ANYONE..male, even sinful female, or any roving Demoniac of the Gadarenes.
The principal real reason for all of that: Paul and all of the FIRST Church Apostles, had the book of Acts 2 POWER of God’s SPIRIT OF POWER and leader MIGHT.

So when I kept bumping into “she’s a witch” or “he’s a warlock” suspicious DARK EVIL SPYING (emotionally , spiritually fearful, weak) it cautioned ME to get out my own BIBLE to deeply STUDY.
I now watch WHOM I allow to speak into my life. AND would advise ALL persons to NOT just sit and swallow “everyone else’s spiritual KOOL AID.”


AND this was mixed (in some Certain Styled) basic groups with over much legalism mixed in with hierarchy, performance, ministry achievement AND In the spiritual doctrine,there was an acute “dark demon  conscientiousness” with SOME non evangelical true ones, even labeling, yet never up front Matthew 19:15-18 Bible confronting (appearing to be many many leader, female, pastor, intercessor) others (from afar) as “witches” “Jezebels” and “Ahabs” usurpers.

Happily, your writer was NOT raised by that twisted misshapen “always searching for the next dark devil” oppressive theology, She was raised to know that Jesus paid the price for the CHURCH to carry the Victorious Name of Jesus who had, still has, “victorious power OVER all powers, principalities and every name that was named.”

Yet, she admits, being caught at one point, off spiritual guard, as all the NEW Doctrine was heady, mixed in with really GOOD moving in the Spirit, discerning and deep beautiful worship.

I also realized that this dark demon focused GROUP, while mostly well intentioned, have lost the VICTORY of the New Testament Risen Jesus. Too many of them continually ‘watch” self protectively, suspiciously perceiving /accusing, too many from afar, due to the misshapen charismatic twisted, Accuser enabling pioneering fruit.

But this subjective well intentioned group, can grow accusatively legalistic, even attacking WHEN they do not realize that JESUS and Apostle Paul each did not regard women as less than, second class. AND forget Prophetess Deborah who ruled as a national judge in the national gates, presiding OVER BOTH men and women.

(aside: if we can put a halt to the Accuser of both the MOTHEREN, SISTEREN as well as the BRETHEREN (Rev 21:11) I fully believe that when God’s House is once again noised about as a SPIRITUALLY SAFE HAVEN, that many MORE will return and NEW believers will want to stay to truly commit.

BUT when the Lord pointed to the many different TYPES of true People that HE uses, He wanted to reveal to me HIS NATURE in both the ‘deeply perceiving /spiritually perceiving “intuitives” who are equally needed, very valid (when balanced and happy /content, perceiving themselves as OVER (not oppressed and fighting continually UNDER) but IN God’s Victory …God also pointed out the much more assertive, prone to take proactive action, achieving, worship in mostly praising, (Dr.T names them TYPE A) the first people groups TYPE B..

AND DR. T (when the Lord moves) can be anointed to move in EITHER. And this teaching is due to the need to remove shame, fear, labeling, legalistic spirits of division.

AND as this is a HARD topic to deeply cover in a short blog, she will make an AUDIO or VIDEO discussion of this and post it on her www.taveau.org ministry website.

To wind things up for today, there are 2 Bible verses which point to the realm of DISCERNMENT which may give the PERCEIVER a potential to run to God for help with CLEAR HOLY SPIRIT perceptive -discernment OR they may lapse into accusation, snap judging, even eventually spreading gossip.

Acts 2:6 Now when this was noised abroad(means rumored about), the multitude came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in his own language.

POINT: Many times gossip, rumors, are “noised abroad” in towns, in some churches and on media.

Isaiah 12:3 points to the fruit of the coming Messiah, Jesus, “He delighted in the fear of the Lord and did not judge by the sight of His eyes or make decisions based on what He heard.”

And the CHURCH is in the position, where it needs to either RISE UP and to begin better resembling the nonaccusative Messiah, rather resembling, through ENABLING the Accuser, Deceiver.

God’s GOOD NEWS says that if we will submit to it by yielding to it, that WE have already  been given the VICTORY:

Revelation 12:11 “They (US) overcame him (the Accuser) by the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony and they loved not their lives unto death.”

Please note; The writer has only a short space in which to share the basics. BUT we will explain THE MESSIAH vs the ACCUSER  in 3 weeks over on www.organicleader.org HOLY SPIRIT KINGDOM ORDER

But, on this SERIES “GOVERNING YOUR PERCEIVER GIFTING” if the least thing we can do will be to assist pastors, leaders in DISCERNING the qualities of POOR and HEALTHY prophetic Bible training AND help Christ’s Perceiver, Discerner AND NOT, Body learn how to work together to know what “overcoming” (the Accuser) truly means, implies, and then to provide realistic THOUGHT PROVOKING commentary, to “De Frag the Accuser” from immature, even attack, back biting, rumor milling, Front Lines Christ Following Local Perceiver CHURCH, then that will be worth all of the hard leader times, accuser untoward FF (Friendly Fire) but even might help NEW CHURCH GOERS to discern better between what is TRUE, LOVELY and HOLY from what it NEGATIVE, ACCUSATIVE, LEGALISTIC.

So, have to stop now.


Reminder: Stay in God’s Word, Fellowship with Mature Fully Committed saints, and be BLESSED while Abiding  the Vine!

Pastor T

Excerpt from the new book: GOVERNING YOUR PERCEIVER GIFTING (C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy Celebration of His Word Books, All rights reserved under international copyright laws.


Excerpts from the new book GOVERNING YOUR PERCEIVER GIFTING (C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy CELEBRATION OF HIS WORD PUBLISHING All copyrights reserved


When each one  of us is born, we don’t come with a handbook. The current modern education, even while passed down through many centuries, and right now containing ENORMOUS VAST amounts of high tech, web spread information, STILL cannot truly help any deep, very THOUGHTFUL, pensive, deeply INTUITIVE “perceiver, discerner” gain balanced, wisdom and insight into WHY God made them this way and (often) WHAT to do about their “perceiver, thoughtful unseen but REAL side.”

And this writer will begin to share how through the many years (which often seemed so especially SLOW) with the help of God, understanding each: His Holy Bible and the supernatural POWER of “renewing one’s own mind and deep heart in His Word and the result: developing /acquiring mature FAITH but not just staying THERE…also praying, seeking, inquiring, then learning of the meaning of verses like,
“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has entered into heart of those who love Him, BUT those things ARE revealed by the spirit, for the spirit searches all things, even the DEEP THINGS of God.” 2 Corinthians 2:9-10.

AND getting to know God as “the REVEALER OF MYSTERIES” during much time in prayer but also in many prison like situations, where the writer was in between The Rock (the free spirited Heart of Father God, through Jesus Christ) and a VERY hard, long, seeming to be hopeless, endless place.

YET, “through it all” it was these (overly) long hard processes, in which the presence, true comfort and very happy Friendship of and with the Lord began (slowly) to develop. It was as if HE needed to strip away all of the earthly, temporal (super shallow) things, even indifferent persons, who would distract my true focus…getting to know about HIM, but then getting acquainted WITH Him and finally (allowed by His granted great grace) to know (some of) His WAYS.

It was this latter part where the writer found HIM to be often HILARIOUS, IMPARTING, coaching, revealing Bible Scriptures, but then also simply DOWNLOADING (Free, unmerited, never prior CONCEIVED ..see 2 Cor 2:9-10 fulfilled) GOOD IDEAS.

AND in the big, super long, extra slow, 24/7 /365 multi year process, HE eventually heightened, sharpened, clearly (by His grace, NOT my achievement) MY OWN PERCEIVER, DISCERNER (prophetic, seerish) natural ability.

He taught me about the ENOCH Walk (Genesis 4; Grandson of Adam, “walked and talked/fellowshipped with God in real time, 24/7/365) But then one day, the Bible states that “God took him.’

(PS and with the way VERY MANY are also “perceiving, discerning, knowing and growing to be one of God’s Real Time (nonachieved,saved by granted grace) Friends, we understand NOW how that whenever Messiah, JESUS CHRIST, wants to, HE will come back in Real Time and CATCH UP all of the Modern Enochs in what some call the Second Coming…but “no human knows the day or the hour.”
SO each one of us must be prepared (just a true aside..)

Lastly, after discovering the way God simply downloaded /imparted His own FREE Supernatural leader wisdom on the UNTRAINED ISRAELITES over in Exodus 35-36, and in Proverbs 2, Last chapter in Deuteronomy…the Lord REVEALED to this writer that HE could grant HER free leader wisdom to enhance, over ride and equip (per His Holy Spirit, yoke destroying ANOINTING) to do “great and mighty things that SHE knew not of.”

And as I need to stop right there..I will talk a lot more on this in future blogs.

CLAIM (but you need to truly believe it!)  THIS VERSE FOR YOURSELF:
“Call unto Me and I will answer YOU  and show YOU great and mighty things YOU know not of.” Jeremiah 33:3

Servant Pioneering Leader, Dr. Taveau D’Arcy

LOOKING FORWARD: The next posting follows on Tues Aug 20, 8 AM CT… in which we jump fully into the THICK of many exciting PERCEIVER MINISTRY THINGS…

Excerpts from the new book GOVERNING YOUR PERCEIVER GIFTING (C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy CELEBRATION OF HIS WORD PUBLISHING All copyrights reserved


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Judging by the media reports, we are now living in ever increasing, Biblically foretold “perilous Last Days Times”. And with all of the evil and death, and TV media, web dire reports, GOD is still able to isolate, to individually protect and to guard, via direct, inward, personal Holy Spirit guidance…if we understand that

1) that by inviting Jesus into our hearts as personal Savior,

2) He gives us a supernatural DEPOSIT of His living guiding “Comforter” “guide” and “invisible personal Friend” well known as the Holy Spirit.

3) Yet, to learn how to personally DISCERN what the Bible teaches us is the “still small voice” the “Voice of the Good Shepherd who gives life to His sheep” then it requires an overall “learning to PERCEIVE and TO CLEARLY DISCERN” very slow over all PROCESS. And happily, nowhere in God’s Holy Word does it say that any one of us has to be 100 PERFECT to be able to discern and hear directly from the Lord. AND certainly, nobody has to live like a perfect’ SAINT 100 percent of the time in order to also hear back from Him and to receive BLESSINGS from Him


Prophet Enoch in Genesis, who “walked and talked with God daily” and one day God came and simply “took him.” (See Genesis 5:24)

I Kings 19 The prophet Elijah in his “prophetic cave” was remaining isolate when he “heard God’s still small voice.”



While many of you may already well immersed in the DISCERNING “THE VOICE OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD” PROCESS …we realize that while there is MUCH information available, that MANY STILL are unsure, confused, majorly apprehensive or feel like it’s SPOOKY. And certainly there are OTHERS who regard this with fear or unbelief… and/or skeptical doubt: All of which the (now super long) experienced writer has encountered.

YET..as we are now living in EXTREME LAST DAYS…we might as well attempt to TRUST THE EXTREME POWERFUL HOLY GOD to pull us through. Which also implies that each true Christ Follower will need to seek God’s Help in applying EXTREME FAITH …so as to long suffer, but also EXTREMELY deeply ENJOY what God has GIVEN US: such as amazing BLESSING, PEACE, BRIGHT JOY and REST.. (while also understanding that as the Bible says, that our adversary “satan’s time is very short!” (Revelation 12:12)

ADDED BONUS: Understanding God’s MIRACULOUS, SUPERNATURAL POWERS for each and every human person who truly TRUSTS and APPLIES FAITH to BELIEVE.

EXAMPLE: Read and Hebrews 11:2 (APPLY) as in “mix your faith with” PSALM 91 the Bible Secret Place of the Most High (no time to discuss here)

THIS now brings me to this next reliable Bible scripture:

My Bible reminds me that “God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” I Timothy 1:7

MAIN POINT: It is each of our own responsibility to self inspect what lies inside each of our own hearts.

1) is there applied WORRY or FAITH?

2) Am I feeling AFRAID, WORRIED, SPOOKED OUT OR (this is a huge first DISCERNMENT STEP in an over all understanding of WHICH voice is actually from the Voice of the GOOD SHEPHERD..the nonslave holding Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.

AND if you feel emotionally weak, way down, full of major confusion, etc, then I TIMOTHY 1:7 can help YOU to understand WHAT is coming from GOD (The Spiritual Light Side) rather than BELOW, demonic, occult (The Spiritual Dark Side)

The Apostle Paul wrote, in the last part of I Corinthians 10:14c, “…there are many voices in the world and each one has significance.”

MAIN POINT: We should take time apart, to consider, to discern, and to apply I TIMOTHY 1:7, to each voice. (and I also use JAMES 3:17 for an additional “PERCEIVER, DISCERNER” Holy Bible aide.

FIRST I would suggest pausing to analyze the “many voices” which are trying to communicate with YOU.

EXAMPLES: list of all the people in family, life, work, ministry, who offer advice; TV /Media, Bible teachers, pastors, board members, family, cell phones, dreams, night mares, impressions, your own inner self talk, gossip, videos, voice mail messages, Mp3s, and MORE!!

THEN analyze each of the many VOICES to apply a Spiritual Fruit Check to that voice.

HOW does each “significant voice” (big/small) now filter through I TIMOTHY 1:7?

And I also would recommend this other helpful “PERCEIVER/DISCERNER ” Holy Bible Scripture:

JAMES 3:17 “The wisdom that comes from above is first of all PURE, PEACEABLE, EASILY ENTREATED, FULL OF MERCY AND GOOD FRUIT, without PARTIALITY and without HYPOCRISY.”

ALWAYS HELPFUL: You need to find time APART to “De-clutter, De-stress and De-tox YOUR (only) LIF using such a “DISCERNMENT” “fruit evaluating” chief manner.

While this process appears to be simple it is actually an enormously large helpful KEY in de-cluttering, de-stressing “OUR OWN (ONLY) LEADER LIFES)…

It helps to minimize relationship /life over STRESS, STRIVING, STRIFE and TENSION, which can actually help to maintain WELLNESS.

And, as it is generally our many LIFE RELATIONSHIPS which usually tend to spark CONFLICT..keeping all of this CLUTTER to a minimum, will prevent all sorts of DAMAGE.

PLUS by following God’s inward leading, you will be lead on many an adventure.(NOTE: the writer practices this periodically and has since finding out about it , first starting right before entering into COLLEGE (age 17).

YET…The over all process of ‘hearing back from God” (aka “Perceiving, discerning”) involves supremely being imperfect simply seeking to grow, through prayer and via the Father’s undeserved GRANTED GRACE. (Versus through works ACHIEVED.

Yet it does require taking the (Bible, prayer, self introspection,applied faith) suggested ACTION as mentioned above.

NATURAL AND SPIRITUAL COMPARED: in natural cleaning, detoxing, what goes on way down deep inside will bear FRUIT eventually DISCERNED, MANIFESTED, SEEN on the OUTSIDE.


1) I call this making PRE PRAYER PREPARATION and/or “PREPARING ONE’S OWN HEART to hear from the Lord”….which, once again, will assist us in our “UNPACKING” .. meaning PRIOR to making any attempts to discern, to accurately perceive, to also assist us in being better able to RECEIVE what God’s Holy Spirit may be trying to tell us. *

ASIDE: training a prayer group to do this prior to having church intercession can also produce good fruit.

2) MANY MAY BE MATURE WHO READ THIS, HOWEVER FOR THE RECORD: I ADVISE EACH PERSON BEING BALANCED: (*Duly note: as this is a more SUBJECTIVE all alone inquiring, but chief process, I never advices doing this without first abiding in God’s Holy Word for balance. AND finding a fellowship/practicing personal God sent accountability..to “iron sharpens iron” or to serve as sounding board, balance)

IN CLOSING: Today we equipped to spiritually prime the pump for



** I GAVE BIBLE SCRIPTURES to self study, to sink your faith into and to Selah ongoing MEDITATE upon, even to commit to MEMORY.

And hopefully, Lord willing this will help YOU keep your JOY even in the middle of These EXTREME APOSTOLIC TIMES!

Mighty Blessings!
Dr T


Negotiating an IFFY Relationship
(C)2014 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved

“The shortest distance between two points is a direct conversation.” Dr T

“It is best to TRY to talk things out, however THAT requires that BOTH parties be willing to do the same. And you can’t be another person’s MAMA or DADDY. It is THEY who must RISE UP to be accountable,to HUMAN UP… as before the LORD all alone.”

YOU can only do what is RIGHT as before the LORD (to work things out, to be willing to make changes, to ROLE MODEL nonaccusative, humble….JAMES 3:17

“The wisdom that comes from above is first of all pure, peaceable, easily entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.”

We must do all it takes to walk, even to STAND in unconditionally LOVE and with it a willingness to purposely FORGIVE…

YET… if the OTHER PARTY makes a choice not to SUBMIT in order to also negotiate, to humbly yield,…then the FIRST PARTY can never do that for HIM/HER..and surely, a dominating, intending to be controlling, abidingly SELF CENTERED and SELF WILLED, unbending person, will eventually create such long term abusive damage, that it usually causes either SEPARATION or the finalization of that Lop Sided all ONLY ABOUT ONE so called (affirming?) RELATIONSHIP.

And just as the Bible mentions, ” A three fold cord is not easily broken” …

…so if the appearing to be GOD GIVEN relationship does not include each of the individuals going to GOD for HIS HELP and abiding STRENGTH to endure, to forgive, longterm, then there is only a HUMAN TWO FOLD CORD and sooner or later, sad to say, that once viewed as blessed, what was SUPPOSED to be “back and forth, give and take” OTHER CENTERED, God given relationship will cease to work.

THUS: Simply do YOUR BEST but then let THEM do whatever THEY CHOOSE to do or NOT do. (I liken this to your lobbing a tennis ball of appropriate, emotionally mature, RESPECTFUL RESPONSIBILITY into their court…

HOWEVER…it is up to THEM to choose to lob it back swiftly and appropriately, or else to ignore it, to even kick at it, or( God forbid) to stomp on it.

Such are the leader /ministry/marriage “ALL RELATIONSHIP” days which exist currently. GOD holds YOU responsible for YOU. He holds all of THEM responsible for each one of THEM.
See more about what I name as the NINE ONGOING APOSTOLIC BIBLE RELATIONSHIPS www.dfwleaderfellowship.org TOP CENTER under MENU

“God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love & a sound mind” I Timothy 1:7 We must remember this and also encourage others in these days.

(C)2014 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved

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“The same spirit which raised Christ Jesus from the dead will quicken your mortal body.” Romans 8:11


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