Negotiating an IFFY Relationship
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“The shortest distance between two points is a direct conversation.” Dr T

“It is best to TRY to talk things out, however THAT requires that BOTH parties be willing to do the same. And you can’t be another person’s MAMA or DADDY. It is THEY who must RISE UP to be accountable,to HUMAN UP… as before the LORD all alone.”

YOU can only do what is RIGHT as before the LORD (to work things out, to be willing to make changes, to ROLE MODEL nonaccusative, humble….JAMES 3:17

“The wisdom that comes from above is first of all pure, peaceable, easily entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.”

We must do all it takes to walk, even to STAND in unconditionally LOVE and with it a willingness to purposely FORGIVE…

YET… if the OTHER PARTY makes a choice not to SUBMIT in order to also negotiate, to humbly yield,…then the FIRST PARTY can never do that for HIM/HER..and surely, a dominating, intending to be controlling, abidingly SELF CENTERED and SELF WILLED, unbending person, will eventually create such long term abusive damage, that it usually causes either SEPARATION or the finalization of that Lop Sided all ONLY ABOUT ONE so called (affirming?) RELATIONSHIP.

And just as the Bible mentions, ” A three fold cord is not easily broken” …

…so if the appearing to be GOD GIVEN relationship does not include each of the individuals going to GOD for HIS HELP and abiding STRENGTH to endure, to forgive, longterm, then there is only a HUMAN TWO FOLD CORD and sooner or later, sad to say, that once viewed as blessed, what was SUPPOSED to be “back and forth, give and take” OTHER CENTERED, God given relationship will cease to work.

THUS: Simply do YOUR BEST but then let THEM do whatever THEY CHOOSE to do or NOT do. (I liken this to your lobbing a tennis ball of appropriate, emotionally mature, RESPECTFUL RESPONSIBILITY into their court…

HOWEVER…it is up to THEM to choose to lob it back swiftly and appropriately, or else to ignore it, to even kick at it, or( God forbid) to stomp on it.

Such are the leader /ministry/marriage “ALL RELATIONSHIP” days which exist currently. GOD holds YOU responsible for YOU. He holds all of THEM responsible for each one of THEM.

“God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love & a sound mind” I Timothy 1:7 We must remember this and also encourage others in these days.

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This was first posted Aug 15, 2014


“The same spirit which raised Christ Jesus from the dead will quicken your mortal body.” Romans 8:11

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This was first posted July 31, 2014

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“There are many voices in the world and each one has significance.” Paul in I Corinthians 14:10

“I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him” Paul in Ephesians 1:17

It is very difficult to isolate and identify the “still small voice” of the “Good Shepherd who gives LIFE to His sheep” amidst all of the hurry, big pressures, almighty media, pioneering leadership legalism and the Big Religious System(s) EACH OF WHICH war against persuing a First Love Lampstand, fulfilling that knows who HE truly is, but also understands where EACH OF OUR own true spiritual AUTHORITY must begin and where it ends( meaning reveals that we now need to enlist the AUTHORITY of a God sent, proven OTHER).

I want to begin to tell my life’s it is based on finding out who God called ME to be APART from any parental, apostolic, religious big system, and preacher media, founding peers and local, national and grass roots mixture of well intended local 5 fold office doctrines.

My Daddy was a grass roots pioneering senior pastor,who along with my capable free spirited dear mother, never displayed any bigotry or bias, ministry legalism, be it racial, toward another leader, gender or culture, even non Christ following.

I also was blessed to be given God’s granted GRACE to descend from many quality true “organic” Christ following human persons, each of whom (as far back as I remember) were servant senior leaders, doctors, school superintendents, pastors and teachers.

And not a one of them received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, (until first I did, then mom and baby sister, did in mid 1970s)..but I recall on especially coming down from my mother’s side of the Presbyterian heritage, Christ following all ministry and capable nonelitest family, that they each PERCEIVED and DISCERNED what the Bible names the “still small voice” also well known as the “inward witness of God’s Holy Spirit” for as far back as I remember, as a child, I remember them all seeking the Lord for His guidance, asking for His help in making write decisions and also being “led by the Spirit” on a 24/7/365 daily, year and year out “fully on fire” “human compassionate, other centered” emotionally mature basis.

AND while this is only ONE person’s story, as the reader surely recognizes all of this in the ministry, lay lives of EXCEEDING MANY UNKNOWN OTHERS…I have felt strongly impressed from the Lord that I need to talk about WHY, HOW this “discernment and perception” stems from.

I am RIGHT NOW beginning to redo a small , but extremely important, timely book…one that I started back in 2004 but due what went on, I put it down until now.

The subtopic name is “GOD IS THE REVEALER OF SECRETS” Daniel 2:28 and I plan to in depth discuss HOW, WHY, and the PRACTICALLY of being led in such an “perceived and discerned daily fashion.”

It will share how CLOSE one to One RELATIONSHIP jumpstarts, ongoing maintains and even brings forth many INSIGHTS, ADVENTURES, MINISTRY DIVINE UNDERSTANDINGS, and as Apostle Paul stated , (He persistently PRAYED (in Eph 1:17) that God would give the disciples ” the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the KNOWLEDGE of Him” Paul in Ephesians 1:17

Please hold up this Moses hands in your PRAYERS and the intense spiritual opposition to this book has been so enormous.

THE OVER ALL BIG GOALS: to serve ministers by sharing proven, Bible discernment principles.
TO INTRODUCE AND ASSIST IN BRINGING FORTH the waiting ARMY of ENOCHS, all around the world, who also understand this for each one of them “walks and talks with God daily.” akin to prophet Enoch in Genesis 4.

AND as a “multifaceted, all 5 fold office” deep visionary, I want PRAYER to keep me on TARGET, FOCUS and not be unduly SIDETRACKED as we are doing very many needed OTHER video, music, writing, training, similar PROJECTS.


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Whatever effects your “outside” usually almost always starts with what goes on inside YOUR own head, (as in the great gray matter that lies between YOUR (hopefully) two ears.

By choosing to “renew YOUR (own) mind,” in God’s ever faithful Word, and by truly getting close to  YOUR Comforter,  God’s Holy Spirit, God enables YOU to strengthen  YOUR own  “personal receiver” (i.e. YOUR own ability to hear from Him, and to receive extra ordinary heaven sent blessings.)

During certain specific times,  God might also direct YOU enter into His presence. Sometimes, due to the extra ordinary difficulties in our lives or hearts, God’s Word, encased in ANOINTED MUSIC, is the thing that seems deep enough to penetrates and saturate our over weary emotions or even traumatized, possibly  burned out hearts or weary minds.

Yes, there  when led by the Holy Spirit each us must learn to   “receive” from HIM, by being “proactive” as well. To be “proactive” is to take personal responsibility for actually   reading, believing, obeying and  actively claiming God’ s   Bible faith promises.

However, when life has been very rough and we are depleted, the very thoughtful Father God may direct us  to sit and just “be with Him”. This is so that He can allow us to receive freely by being next to Him…without “working to get it” through being  spiritually proactive or mentally assertive.

God uses “personal  you with Me time” to educate us to the fact that the born again life is not about “being a spiritual high achiever.” It IS ONLY about “resting in the Lord and by our own faith,  being made complete in Him.”

There are far too many  “truly Biblically knowledgeable” persons who through many years of being in Him, have become very “used to” seeing God move, work or even speak  in a certain way.

But  Father God  is still revealing to each one of us, His own nature. And yes, He still chooses to raise up and use different (even unusual) spiritual lamp stands to bring needed illumination to His body(such as mentioned in Revelation)

(In Revelation 3 God ordained  certain area pastors, to start and oversee  the many fellowship groups, local churches and apostolic chief  ministry flows).

And today God still uses all of these, but this now includes ministry  media broadcasting lamp stands. I even think that part of the light from a great number of these significant lamp stands must include the chief worship leaders who birth new music to affect the multiplied millions who would never ever sit in Sunday service at the local church.

God’s will is for Him to be allowed to have an  opportunity to  continually speak to all who are divinely flexible. His will is not just to save, provide and to guard, but to also reestablish fellowship between His children and Himself.

And to do this He repeatedly bends us and allows us the chance to get to know Him in brand new and deeper levels, of His real  love, as well as true communion, fellowship followed by increased anointing. God communes with any who take precaution to continually remain supple in Him, (‘divinely flexible’ as in Ezekiel’s vision of the wheel Chapter 1).

He will not speak to those who harden their own hearts or who allow themselves to become   “etched in spiritual concrete”  of even ‘ good” religious training /thinking.

And this is because Our God is a ever  living, ever  flowing, ever moving, and ever  quickening still creative God.

This then makes our personal place of prayer (which is finding out what is on God’s heart in the Secret Place Psalm 91) and what He is saying in the Bible, the keys to knowing God, and finding direction to help us in our life.

Then finding a God sent, spiritually safe spot to fellowship with the saints (which gives us community but also resources and even life saving contacts, not to mention keep us balanced from being too much all alone)

On the other hand, God also wants to mature His more dependent ones, at least in the vast American body.

Despite all those TRULY wonderful, spiritually gifted pastors and Bible teachers, there is not one single human person who is alive that really truly “knows it all.”

By God’s magnificent grace are we ALL by His goodness truly saved. Therefore Father God fully expects  us to become truly dependent upon HIM but definitely not on any other human being, no matter how talented, anointed or attractive that (even divinely sent) person may appear.

God has been patient and long suffering in pastoring, fathering, shepherding some of His true children but now needs and wants to get them off the milk of sheer dependency on any human being, (which is akin to the ‘ arm of the flesh’). He needs to wean even a few of you who wishing to always find “encouragement” by turning on your TV to hear what the gifted Bible teacher is teaching. He may just want to privately “home school you” to hear fresh and brand new revelation just by YOUR own self.

Dr. God is trying very hard to “relearn’ many of HIs already very knowledgeable true saints. HE is the only one who “knows it all” but continually pours us out of spiritual bowl into another.

The Spiritual Bowl concept means that each of our lives is  subject to great change. Picture our own personal life as water in some bowl.

And as I write this, many of you who are in some of the most varying, very unusual sorts of changes, may feel like God has put you in The Super Bowl  of Change. This writer has been in this Super Bowl pouring of GREAT significant change… in many areas!

The water is contained in a bowl, be it very small or very very expansive. The Lord, who is indeed The True Lord, seems to pour us in our lives from  one bowl to another.

The pouring from one bowl to the next, is CHANGE.  Even though this  CHANGE may be very good or not good, the purpose, peace and presence of God is always available to each of us during that big Change process. And finding God’s ultimate PURPOSE, sometimes His TRUE PEACE and PRESENCE is a big part of each CHANGE.

Spiritual Bowl pouring times of Change are TESTS. These Holy Spirit many times trial by fire tests,  shake us up and are designed  to wake us from sleep. Sometimes these CHANGES will reveal the amount of FEAR left within our own hearts or reveal the lack of love or faith, trust in God…when God SEEMS to have left us or forsaken us.

Spiritual Bowl Changes  test us by putting us in fiery furnaces, or even very deep ditches, spiritual, man made or US made time after time.

But not only are the tests in themselves part of God’s mysterious earthly life long process,  but one that always results in promotion, strengthening and great eternal blessing. (if our motives are right and we maintain our complete faith, trust and confidence in the purposes of God)

The main key to survival, during  any “spiritual bowl pouring advancement” time (since it is ONLY for our own personal growth, spiritual maturity and definitely NOT to wipe us off the face of the planet…) is to remain ultimately DEPENDENT on God, His living Word, but then to seek after God’s supernatural  REST and PRESENCE for entirely the whole time of the change or trial.

The first miracle ever performed by Jesus was during the wedding of Cana , where Jesus turned the water into wine.This miracle followed Mary, His mother informing the wait staff, “WHAT EVER He says to YOU, DO IT!”

And I believe that instruction still holds true today .

Another key  for passing the Spiritual Bowl Pouring /big Change, fiery furnace test: “ Walk toward your Giant, while asking God for specific directions at the same time.”

And in the 1970’s  Jefferson Airplane lead singer Grace Slick (not a prophetess but may truly have had a call on her life to be one) said in one of her famous rock songs, (White Rabbit) “feed your head.” That song was really about using DRUGS to expand one’s mind. BUT God’s Word and Presence offers true mind expansion with no nasty after affects and besides both are absolutely FREE, not to mention LEGAL.

The supernatural POWER invested by God’s Rich Holy True Spirit in each one of  those tiny jots and tittles which make up God’ Word may be very unpopular with those who are unchurched, unlearned or even truly UNdecided, yet for those of us who do “know our God” and truly know the staying power of “standing” , confessing, and meditating (thinking on the deepest true meaning when we truly attempt to read, know and learn God’s own Word) will find that slowly, secretly and mysteriously we will able to mark much deep, even if it’s gradual, progress.

The other side to these comments is that when life has burned you completely out and the heart is burned out to where human spoken WORDS do not work any more, then GO TOWARD the power and presence of God invested in God’s Word coated in praise and deep worship strongly anointed MUSIC. (aka King Saul calling for the minstrel, pre-King David who was there to play his hard when dark spirits of oppression, depression, false religion, etc, entered and attacked his deepest heart and mind)

The true bottom line in the Spiritual Bowl Pouring Concept is that even though we may believe that our lives are in some great upheaval, or out of OUR control circumstances, be they very positive or negative, the real goal of the Lord is to attempt to mold us more deeply into His True Likeness while at the same time removing any dross, sin or FEAR while during many miraculous hidden things: such as maturing us emotionally and spiritually, and financially.

In the end, God pours us into the new bowl, to advance us and even more importantly His own Kingdom.  (FEAR =’s FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL)

When you as  a real  life human person feel totally  overwhelmed or immersed in an out of  control Spiritual Bowl Pouring, the temptation for any body, is to your keep eyes fixed on your own spiritual bowl.( even what appears to be some of the sloppy water that sloshes out over  the sides of the bowl pouring situation.)

When Peter did that ( he tried to walk on water but then removed his eyes off the Lord ) he started to sink.

So, THE BIG KEY in all of this Spiritual Bowl Pouring, Change is keeping both of YOUR eyes on JESUS at all times.

And always keep “looking UP.” Look UP at the Eternal Viewpoint. The Bible tells us that we are only  ‘passing through.”  We tend to forget that this life is the only heaven that a unborn again person will ever see and that this life is the only hell that any truly born again person will ever see.

Another key is continually “LOOK UP” for not only does YOUR redemption really draw nigh, but  “I will lift up mine eyes (off of my own self) to the hills, from whence comes my help.” Psalm 121:1

Then first look inward, but then ultimately UP using, Psalm 110:1, “The Lord said to my lord, sit at my right hand WHILE I make your enemies your foot stool.”  In other words, compose a long list of ALL of your big and small cares, worries, fears and then give them all over to the Lord, and then make the choice to RELAX and NOT be in charge of solving all of them. Do what ever He says, however, and keep renewing YOUR own mind.

Finally, CHOOSE to become  a Warrior of Rest. This means CHOOSE to be instead of a WORRIER.

The Warrior of Rest casts all his/her cares,burdens  onto the Lord, and keeps them there. He /she gets REVENGE on satan for creating all those cares, problems, etc  choosing NOT to become  worried, anxious,  bitter, the least bit afraid.

By your  NOT succumbing to the devil’s big temptation to make your miserable, (through big fear, worry or various problems)   YOU then can get back at the enemy of your souls (mind will and emotions) by NOT being fearful, anxious or weary. YOU give back TROUBLE to the demonic TROUBLER of YOUR SOUL. So stress not!!

Then YOU can make the choice to be blessed  and NOT to be stressed.  
PS “… ten thousand fall by your side it shall not come near you.” Psalm 91:7

Lone Warriors who do not go to any local church need to find safe places to get into the presence of God which is released in the corporate worship setting.

If you are not in an local church or between local churches.

—- Don’t choose to remain a pencil.

Any pencil all by itself is easily broken by strong pressure. But a group of pencils banded together are each hard to break.

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THE MAIN Secret to “discernment and perception” is to fall in love with the MAKER of LIFE and of all Pioneering Kingdom Lampstands.

Then make that your TOP priority, an ongoing First Love Lifestyle.

AND this includes a (nonlegalistic) Sabbath Day (nonlegalistic means  a carved out best quantity of time which YOU and God both agree upon) BY OBEYING Isaiah 56 (again not legalistically, if your job forces you to be at work on SUNDAY you can’t take a SUNDAY sabbath..but YOU pray and allow the Holy Spirit to guide YOU…as the LORD has a promised,commanded BLESSING in ISAIAH 56:7 (for all who remove themselves APART to simply devote to getting better ACQUAINTED with the Lord, with better KNOWING the Lord

(this means NOT just ABOUT HIM or what YOU want Him to DO for YOU).

AND with that as an ongoing set (not religious) Sabbath Rest Lifestyle,we then can try to much more accurately begin to really KNOW HIM and then it will better enable US to hear, to receive Holy Spirit prompted new wisdom, free creative new problem solving realistic insights and big plans, AND even receive wisdom, input,insight about YOUR calling, being HEALED, about ministry, worship, or RECREATION.

MAIN POINT: Thus, knowing GOD for real (remember,not just ABOUT Him) is not about working pre- set etched in concrete formula.

However, IF God tells YOU that HE WANTS you to claim Bible promises, to confess them while applying faith in them OR NOT, meaning just simply BE with the Lord, and inwardly RECEIVE from the Lord.

AND THIS all (the above) will open up NEW REALMS for “hearing back from, accurately, maturely, perceiving and inwardly discerning and RECEIVING from the (none spooky!) Living Lord.

MAIN LESSON TODAY: 1. DO NOT get too superserious and by mistake begin to take YOURSELF or YOUR PERCEIVER GIFT TOO TOO SERIOUSLY. (doing that is what makes “perceiver, discerner, spirit of prophecy subgroups” have a negative (flakey) poor me, overly introspective and uncaring,even aloof and unloving (cold) to others.

THE LESSON (helpful hint) for today, is KNOW WHEN TO SAY WHEN. KNOW when the Lord is telling YOU that HE really wants,needs YOU  to press in,even for short or very long time.

BUT then know when the “inward witness of God’s Holy Spirit” begins to draw from you and reveals that NOW it is  YOUR time to rise up and embody JESUS in Acts 10:38 “Going about doing GOOD (for others)”

But not in a rash, works, religious goody two shows ministry Boanerge fashion.


Get some SABBATH in YOUR busy Life!

Dr. T

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