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APRIL 13, 2013
Hi there, Dear Reader!

This AM I will give you 3 great Bible Verses to dwell upon, mediate on, to put each of YOUR FAITH in, which over time and with patient PRACTICE can assist in making YOU much more spiritually AWARE, skilled in DISCERNMENT as well as far more knowledgeably PERCEPTIVE.(by the way, these are just 3 of MANY MANY BIBLE OTHERS)

“The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23

“The WISDOM (meaning “any”subjective STYLE, LEADER TYPE of supernatural “wisdom” );that comes from above, is first of all PURE, PEACEABLE, EASILY ENTREATED, Full of MERCY and GOOD FRUIT, without PARTIALITY and without HYPOCRISY.” James 3:17

em>”And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the Lord: and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears” (Prophecy regarding the coming Messiah Isaiah 11:3)

(Just in case YOU want to read PART ONE from yesterday, APRIL 11, 2013 also) Yesterday inPart One, THE FAILURE TO ACCURATELY DISCERN IS DECEPTION, the writer recommending using James 3:17, as a Starter Litmus Apostolic Discerner Bible Verse,

the wisdom (meaning “any”)that comes from above, is first of all PURE, PEACEABLE, EASILY ENTREATED, Full of MERCY and GOOD FRUIT, without PARTIALITY and without HYPOCRISY.”

And today, we share another superior discerning verse (this one to make clear decisions about ALL TYPES of human, business, senior ministry, family, self talk  even “spiritual wisdom realm” relationships, based upon what TYPE of “spiritual fruit” they produce.

Not to deny the need to observe what God’s Bible mentions as the “spiritual fruits” of any truly committed, yielded, by accepting Jesus Christ, known also as “born again” Big Fruit, mentioned in the Paul’s book of Galatians 5:22-23.

1) Apostle Paul’s Galatians 5: 22, God revealed List of Holy Bible Spiritual True Life, Leadership Healthy Real Fruit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law**

The Bible teaches that WE are to observe by the signs (meaning either the PRESENCE OF or else the ABSENCE OF) Godly True Pioneering Fruit.

Verse 23 ends with “against such there is  is no law **

**This implies that no matter how legalistic any person /group, leader is, or how judging, accusing they may become, then by knowing God’s Bible provision for DISCERNING WHO they TRULY ARE and WHERE their guidance, spiritual wells of knowledge, even perceived supernatural power ORIGINATE FROM, (be they well beloved /well known, not well known) then each ONE of us must accept and use what God’s Bible clearly tells us is just ONE of His MANY Bible clues for healthy, genuinely loving, clear, TRUE Holy Spirit accurate DISCERNMENT.


God’s Word tells us to judge others ONLY based upon the clear telling SIGNS of totally invisible, yet marked, either GOOD or BAD spiritual life, relationship, leadership/ministry lasting, even apostolic faith filled FRUIT.

BASIC SOLEY UPON DISCERNMENT OF THE TYPE OF REAL MINISTRY, FRIEND, RELATIONSHIP, BIBLE INSTRUCTOR /MINISTRY spiritual fruit many OTHERS produce, then God leaves it up to  YOU to be led in accordance with His Word in a case by case, one person, minister, Christian or non Christian group/business or NOT…to purposely choose to interact with them, whether or not to accept them into YOUR own Friends and Family Inner Circle, Network.

Thus discernment of REALISTIC BASIC SPIRITUAL CHARACTER as revealed based upon JAMES 3:17 plus GALATIANS 5:22 pure, wise, true FRUIT, will protect YOU, preserve YOU and keep YOUR personal, business, ministry, real LIFE safe, thriving as well as both spiritually and emotionally guarded and BLESSED.


Another MAIN discernment based on Messiah (Jesus Christ) Role Modeled True Fruit is found in Isaiah 11:3-4. There God’s true prophet, Isaiah, foretells of the coming Messiah. And this is how he describes both is MINISTRY and PERSONAL LIFE and ROLE MODELING:

“And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the Lord: and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears” Isaiah 11:3

ONE: We can duly note some of the life FRUIT of the Messiah based on what the prophet tells us there:

“And shall make him of 1) quick understanding 2) in the fear of the Lord:

Please note, that God’s Son, had the “Fear of the Lord” and it helped Him INCREASE in a supernatural increased wise,sharpened perceptivity and clear accurate DISCERNMENT primarily anointed by, even increased through what is know as the AWESOME HOLY REVERENTIAL FEAR OF THE LORD.

Totally Awesome Real Leader Respect is based primarily on HUMILITY, BEING YIELDED, SUBMITTED, TO HIS (nonreligious) DOMINION, but also comprehending that doing this is NEEDED as someone said, “There is a Heaven to attain and a Hell to shun (totally avoid.) Thus the abiding true Life, Death FEAR FACTOR.

Possessing a leader, lay, pioneering FEAR OF THE LORD is accurately discerned: by lifestyle evidence based on each God led HUMAN following, yielding to, submitting to, and following all of the Holy God’s;Bible set well known BOUNDARIES: governmentally, spiritually, emotionally and life style basic Bible commandments, marriage, in church, etc.

YET, in Real Life many of God’s own people don’t accurately PERCEIVE or CLEARLY DISCERN Bible boundaries, by either knowing how the Bible intends them OR else after growing more mighty and mature, how to PERCEIVE them based on ACCURATE PERCEPTION and MATURE DISCERNMENT in a “perceived, in House, in order to Bible respect OTHERS Bible given true Boundaries…

THUS web blog articles such as THIS one, but mainly due to the basic need for teaching, discussion and then mature KNOWLEDGE of what God’s Word instructs us is “accurate Bible Basic Fruit.

“And he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears”The coming Messiah Jesus Christ according to Isaiah 11:3

The coming Messiah, Jesus Christ, would have what is called commonly, “the Holy Reverential Fear of the Lord” Noteworthy, In the preceding Bible verse, Isaiah 11:2 the Characteristics of the Almighty, Heavenly Creator, Maker Father God is described based upon what the Bible lists as the SEVEN SPIRITS OF THE HOLY LIVING MOVING GOD:

Isaiah 11:2 “And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord;

….and to learn based on repeatedly increase in Godly instruction with Holy Spirit Bible Perceptive Wisdom, WHETHER you ought to or ought NOT to trust them, worship among them, do apostolic business with them, even befriend them, not to forget (of most extreme Life IMPORTANCE) whether or not to listen to them, accept FROM them, or sit “under neath” them.

THEIR WISDOM, APOSTOLIC LEADER WORDS or Sincere ADVICE.God understands, hence His Holy Bible instructs that WHEN they are truly led by God’s pure awesome, “Holy Fear of the Lord” non self righteous loving accepting Spirit, that no matter what the other person looks like, talks like, acts like or truly believes, that they STILL will be able to over look, see past what is represented to them OUTWARDLY by going into the Holy Spirit “spiritually discerning”….

…..INWARDLY, accurately diagnosing perceiving who they TRULY ARE DEEP INSIDE based totally upon what God’s Holy Bible Word reveals to them about the basic Bible Spiritual FRUIT of that/any other person. (leaders, also).

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PART 1: Failing To Accurately DISCERN is DECEPTION
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Blessings to YOU, Reader!

Today we’re going to just write a few extremely important Discernment/Accurate Perception pithy, SELAH comments.

I recommend Bible JAMES 3:17 as a Starter Clear Discernment litmus test,

JAMES 3:17:

“The wisdom that comes from above is first of all PURE, PEACEABLE, EASILY ENTREATED, FULL OF MERCY, and GOOD FRUIT, without PARTIALITY and without HYPOCRISY.”

Therefore by using the FRUIT of JAMES 3:17, feel free to pick apart ALL supposed Bible or other APOSTOLIC teaching, advise, or spiritual/supernatural leader wisdom.

1. WHEN you or I FAIL to accurately PERCEIVE or DISCERN, then this MIGHT lead to:

1. Incorrect assumption (accusative, hasty, snap judging)

2. Proud Presumption (mostly done from afar..not by taking time out from our busy day to go up to inquire of some other person UP CLOSE and IN PERSON)

3. Fear, doubt, big unbelief (F.E.A.R. “False Evidence Appearing Real”)

4. All sorts of anxieties, many levels of worries

4. Legalism (“etched in mental concrete, (often unyielding emotional /mental /religious STEEL), which then produces overly dogmatic, often spiritually DOMINATING, over seer watching, supposing, and often PRESUMPTION, (which then usually produces an UNHEALTHY religious spawn of leader, friend, senior ministry presumptive private suspicious, accusing, judging talk OR WORSE: tale bearing, presumptive gossip or slanderous, even good name, reputation, bold face LIES.

MUCH of the above can stem from LACK of accountability to what God’s Word really does SAY.

MUCH of it stems from over business, leader lack of maturity, lack of real genuine healthy Christ like “fear of the Lord” and pure hearted agape  OVERCOMING ENDURING REAL LOVE.

( ASIDE: MUCH of it comes from DEEP HURT, AN EMOTIONALLY /SPIRITUALLY wounded deep place which has sparked unhealthy INSECURITY.
Which then produces “comparison, leader contrasting” AND “unhealthy competition.”

Whereas in our BIBLE it teaches “He/she who compares him/her self with ANOTHER is NOT WISE.” Proverbs
And being WORN OUT  can also produce a Lack of Humility, Lack of ACCURATE CLEAR Discernment and high quality PERCEPTION.

(and the writer admits, that this barely scratches the surface of all of this.)

I just posted the following apostolic TD BLOG over on I had put PART ONE of it up on this blog April 11.

I will now add PART 2 below.

AND the writer submits it to YOU, each Reader, in SELAH FASHION.

Many End Time Blessings!

Dr. T

HERE IS WHAT I JUST POSTED ON Random Salt and Selahs:



2nd PART:


And the following Bible Verses all apply directly TO YOU: (each is KJV)
Zechariah 2:8c  ”…for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.“ 

Psalm 139: 13-17:

For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother’s womb.

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.

My frame was not hidden from You,
When I was made in secret,
And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.

Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.
And in Your book they all were written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them.

17 How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!
How great is the sum of them!


Psalm 17:8-9 

Keep me as the apple of your eye;
hide me in the shadow of your wings
 from the wicked who are out to destroy me,
from my mortal enemies who surround me.

1. God continually looks at YOU and ME and EACH ONE OF US

  • Uniquely
  • Separately
  • Collectively AND Individually as if we are His Only Child. (And God has countless only children but is Great and Almighty Enough to know how to do this)

2. Therefore He watches YOU and ME (but not comparing YOU or ME or ANYONE ELSE) on a continual real time, 24/7/365 basis.

And, like any doting, caring true Father, God takes great interest and delight in each of our every single move.

3. While the world, the flesh and at times even the devil come into play, and for as long as each ONE of us are living in this Fallen Real World, the loving God the Father,  provides for each ONE a MEANS of safety, abiding satisfaction, ultimate provision,  supplied power and strength as well as a PERCEPTION, even an EXPERIENCE of His  caring real love, along with  a Bible Game Plan which, after this earthly time has ended, will grace us with NEVER ENDING blissful heavenly JOY and HAPPINESS  alongside Him in Eternal Heaven.

All of the above is a spiritual byproduct based on each one of OUR OWN human choice and faith:

He blesses us EACH with a personal opportunities, for example:

1. To have an ongoing real personal relationship ,apart and uniquely with Him following OUR acceptance of   Jesus Christ as OUR own personal Lord and Savior.

2. To have a major opportunity to dwell with Him, guided by His Holy Bible and prayer, which then trains us how to  be directed and guided by His inward witness “the Voice of the Good Shepherd” 24/7/365; to abide in peace and safety in His Psalm 91 spiritual, naturally invisible Secret Place of the Most High.

3. To understand the resources/life, ministry/business provisions God has for us when we use OUR OWN faith mixed with hard work, diligence, due Time, patience and perservence.

4. To have educational, personal and church fellowship life building and life changing experiences and God encounters at certain key junctures in EACH of OUR own lives.

5. To have enlarged personal calling with deepened new vision and direction, all based  on OUR daily abiding Walk and Talk two way open communication along with the Lord but confirmed by both His Word and the mouth of two or more stable, healthy, mature, balanced authority, witnesses.

6) To have OUR OWN heart encouraged and strengthened with the knowledge of HOW the FATHER, because of the shed blood of Jesus Calls Us, Comforts Us, Accepts Us, Abides among US and Teaches Us, Blesses Us and Empowers US..all due to God’s great unmerited, Great Granted (absolutely FREE) Grace.

7. To have EACH of our own human lives given an chief perspective altering big OPPORTUNITY to understand that God has not simply placed us on this Earth to live for only OUR OWN SELVES but instead has CALLED each and every SINGLE PERSON to be a bearer of God’s GOOD NEWS…to broadcast and “spread the love of God abroad in your HEART” as One Way of bringing The Heavenly Father many more  new spiritual daughters and sons.

And whenever WE feel depleted, tempted to be negative, or even to feel SORRY for OUR own SELF, by SELAH contemplating all of the LOVE of Jesus Christ gave for EACH of us, can make us feel humbled, honored, blessed and truly GRATEFUL once again.

In the NEXT Blog, we will share PART 3  about WHAT to do when that old Accuser Fallen Sinful Real Nature attempts to trick YOU into being envious, in competition or even JEALOUS.

But, try today to focus on ALL that Christ did for YOU and ME and ALL OF US, by SELAH CONTEMPLATING simply:
Jesus Christ , who died on the cross, endured the sorrow, accepted the shame and sin penalty of accuser induced Eternal DEATH for ONLY YOU: God’s Apple of His Eye Only Child. (and while we do understand how He paid the price for all others, we ought to remind ourself that EVEN if YOU were God’s ONLY PERSON ever born on this EARTH, He would have sent down His Son, Jesus Christ to pay such a HIGH PRICE for  only YOUR SIN…simply because He loves YOU all that Much!

So, ’nuff said for just now..


Dr. T






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MUCH of the TIME, our being “HAPPY” is affected by  our own choices. The following are a few helpful tips to SELAH (meaning: to pause and consider(

  • CHOOSE to live your personal and public LIFE before An Audience of One. Let only HIS opinion deeply matter.
  • CHOOSE to live your life for Someone beside your own Self
  • CHOOSE to view everything you experience through God’s Viewpoint: The Eyes of Eternity “For the Joy Set before Him, Jesus endured the cross”(We are Just passing through)
  • Choose to make JESUS the Center of Your Joy
  • CHOOSE to NOT compare YOURSELF(your life, your ministry) with anybody else.
  • Choose to make a list of all your cares, worries, and fears and CAST THEM all upon the Lord…then let them STAY THERE.
  • CHOOSE to remember to GIVE THANKS IN all things, but not necessarily FOR all things.
  • CHOOSE to PRAISE GOD  and to SERVE HIM with JOY “for the abundance of all things” according to Deuteronomy 28.
  • CHOOSE to be like Jesus ( whom the Bible describes):“ You hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God,  your God, hath anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows.” Hebrews 1:9

 AND…while I appreciate that this list is not conclusive, I submit it as a JUMPSTART…
Mighty Blessings!

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AND see WHY we’ve taken so long to POST officially on THIS blog: (See APRIL/MARCH CREATIVE WISDOM /PROPHETIC IDENTITY ongoing VIDEO postings)

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I felt the Spirit of the Lord HOVERING and BROODING and His CREATIVE ANOINTING begin to ARISE (which I fully admit to thrive on!)

so here’s what has thusly unfolded (thusly??)

Amazing Blessings!


CELEBRATION OF HIS WORD Online Digital Resources MP3, Ebook Store

(still needs work)


AND (especially for ALL YOUDISCERNER PERCEIVERS” see April /March 2014 Taveau D’Arcy CREATIVE WISDOM RELEASE (mind expanding!)
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SEEKING THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM AND ITS HOLY SPIRIT KINGDOM ORDER from Taveau D’Arcy (C) 2013 Celebration of His Word Books*Book Excerpt

2 Kings 19:15
(C) 2013 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved
And Hezekiah prayed before the Lord, and said, O Lord God of Israel, which dwellest between the cherubims, thou art the God, even thou alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth; thou hast made heaven and earth.

The crusty, mentally hard, 12th of Judah, King Hezekiah, finally did receive a wake up call, which broke through his spiritually DENSE “perceiver, discerner” to PERCEPTIVELY VIEW God’s higher, holy living realm of the Holy Spirit.

In this very short verse, it clearly demonstrates that as the composer of Amazing Grace wisely penned, ” I ONCE WAS BLIND BUT NOW I SEE.”**

** Implying ” I once was spiritually dull, block headed and thoughtlessly imperceptive, but NOW (eureka!) the light of the Living Lord’s, Love, Life and LIGHT has actually penetrated through the deep morass of my monkey business, religious, mortal, All About My SELF, narrow MIND…..and now I get a glimpse of Some One and Some THING that is higher than MY SELF:

“I (perceptively) SEE the LORD!”

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OCFC (The search for TRUE in modern leader doctrines provoked The Organic Christ Following Community) is now UNDER the IFFM (The International Fellowship of Foundational Ministries 501c3 IRS nonprofit)


PLEASE UNDERSTAND: that “discerning,perceiving” a true or false prophet/apostle is a subjective one between GOD and the PERSON balanced by the Bible. There are no proven ministry formulas. ( And if you have not already read OCT 10 PART 1, please go back one blog posting, and begin by reading THAT before Part 2)

The writer relates helpful leader tips, personal experience, Bible verses, and much discussion of how Spiritual Fruit ought not get confused in a leaders appearance, fame, or persona, etc. And each intentionally thought provoking comment, is given as a submitted Selah, for each person to winnow out what is Spiritual HAY from errant  ministry leader STUBBLE.

(NOTE: we also are posting this on a few other Dr. T servant leader apostolic blogs, due to it’s importance)




Part 2

How can we tell a FALSE spiritual father/sr. pastor, elder,leader from a TRUE ONE?

“Many false prophets have come into the world.” 1 John 4:1

“The Messiah will delight himself in the fear of the Lord and will not judge by the sight of His eyes, or base decisions, based upon what he hears.” Isaiah 11:3

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Psalm 1 :1 teaches, “Blessed is the man/woman that walks not in the seat of counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners NOR SITS IN THE SEAT OF THE SCORNFUL.”

Maybe this explains one of the many reasons that persons have stopped going to church, at least in the west. They’re  just simply  following the Lord’s commands, at least in the grass roots ministry, out among certain Christian leadership groups.

Pure hearted true Believers will yield to what God’s Word says, no matter what…as they can’t abide an unclean conscience, as they understand that having one, will grieve God’s Awesome Holy Spirit.

Thus if they sit in a worship service, but then have to endure the head leader name names of other well known Christians, and mock they wear or how they believe, then all of that leadership SCORNING definitely embarrasses them, and not only about them SELVES…

....but as they also have the Holy Terror of the Lord, they inwardly cringe at how that name calling Leader is behaving, all in the Name of Christ, in front of the youth, the new visitor, even the grand mothers, and small impressionable children.

And, not to omit the potential presence of an attending tough minded cynic, who may have come begrudgingly to accompany someone else.

 Believe me, I have heard this in 5-6 places, in more than one United States, in smaller- medium -large churches, and even on Christian public radio!

Because of God’s mercy, this pioneering servant leader  was raised in the holy fear of the Lord,   in a Southern Baptist’s senior pioneering pastor’s happy hallowed home. It was there that  she was taught NEVER to name other persons names or back bite, spread gossip or suspicious innuendo,  on each one of the 5-6 ministry occasions,(in legalistic churches, and on anointed evangelistic radio stations) ….and hearing such accusative, negative pulpit speaking has made me want to cringe, hide beneath the pews and  not want to ever go back!

LEADER PRIME EXAMPLE: ANY naming of ministry large groups with mocking nicknames such as “Name It and Claim It” when done in the accusatory ministry leader attack fashion, always makes my ears burn with embarrassment…not only for THEIR SAKES but for the hallowed sake of the GOOD ACCEPTING HONEST NAME of the Lord.

And similar “twisted doctrine” pioneering senior ministry subgroups can suspiciously peer at another senior apostolic minister, not respect them enough to go directly up to them to Bible inquire about their ministry or how God is leading them, but instead may presumptively, accuser legalistically misjudge and spread evil ruinous tales, filled with unholy mixture, about them being suspected “witches” “warlocks” “dominating Queen Jezebels” and more.**

**The writer has bumped into this in mostly very deep south, in mostly at ease, mostly overly well fed naturally and spiritually minister self styled Grass Roots,many of whom are patrician, would be well known and famous, basic subgroups, none of whom are evangelicals or apostolic leaders of dark skin.)

The Word of the Lord is “do not touch God’s anointed” whether they are up on the pulpit stage OR out sitting in the congregation. AND whether or not they are NOT famous OR very WELL KNOWN

SUBMITTED: Thus when a senior office, leader, person, actively resembles the Isaiah 11:3 above mentioned MESSIAH , and does NOT resemble the Accuser, then that is ONE helpful discernment leader big Main Teaching Point.

A SECOND DISCERNMENT VERSE: Does the leader, senior minister, pastor, ministry fellowship, church, office of the prophet, chief apostle, display the character, spiritual fruits based on James 3:17 as you repeatedly interact, fellowship, co labor among and right beside them:

“The wisdom that comes from above is first of all pure, peaceable, easily entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.” James 3:17


A few years back, after I just “HAPPENED”  to be driving in my car, and thought to turn on the local (then very anointed) servant Christian radio station, God ALLOWED me to tune in when a famous witnessing radio program took 25-35 minutes (straight, and it may have been 40 straight minutes) to make a gazing stock of, naming, repeatedly, making mockery of,  real certain PASTORS, BIG EVANGELISTIC, WELL KNOWN GROUPS /FAMOUS PERSONS by NAME…

..and I later  felt great FEAR FOR them all, calling down God’s wrath up each of themselves, and the entire radio station… and at one point, God had me try to  warn the radio leaders, and email the national host. I was in FEAR for the future of that radio station and the unwise hosts who risked calling down God’s JUDGEMENT.

The host emailed me back and I could tell the deep humility and holy fear of the Lord on his reply. And to this day he is doing perfectly fine but not so the radio station.

That tremendous, highly anointed  radio station SADLY did indeed go off the air, within about the next year, and to my knowledge, now  ceases to exist.

As the Lord had been putting on my senior minister heart since 2007: There is coming a day like Ananias and Sapphira, God is going to settle for 2nd /3rd class servanthood. He just won’t allow us to get by with a few of the things He used to let us.

I repeatedly kept getting the over all impression from the Lord, that when that Holy Fear of The Lord Appointed Time really came, that it would be a Godly time of true Christian Corporate Community, which one can understand in terms of the Lord’s Supper (COMMUNION).

And there is a Bible verse which solemnly warns each ministry and lay, about whenever they take COMMUNION.  It says, “self judge, and then make sure to discern the Body of Christ incorrectly, “for some of YOU are  sick and die young for failing to CORRECTLY DISCERN CHRIST’S BODY.”

And the over all Holy Spirit impression was that when the Due Leader Time of Ananias and Sapphira truly arrive, that ATTACKING (in public /in private), GOSSIPING, SMEARING ANOTHER’S GOOD REPUTATION or LEADER TALE BEARING will be counted as “incorrectly discerning Christ’s Body” and that “Some will be sick and some will die  young.”

“For he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgment to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. For this reason many are weak and sick among you, and many sleep.(die). I Corinthians 11:29-30

This is a submitted SELAH. (not autocratic dogma)

And I also quickly add a “GOD FORBID!” So please pray about this and share it all around.

During the leader course of the last 20 plus years, this author has  heard well known Christian TV station owners, ministers, senior pastors, hair styles, make up commented on from pastors who were standing in their pulpits.

BUT God pointed out to me that He purposely uses some who over do their makeup or make their hair over large, as “foolish thing” who are put on TV for the purposes of “confounding the worldly wise in the church.” SELAH.

I have had God repeatedly caution me about finding fault with the looks of some less reserved saints. I stopped making judgemental comments about certain “types’ which offended my dignified churchy sensibilities when the Holy Spirit one day revealed:

Each leader, pastor and person,that passes before my eyes is sent by God to TEST WHAT IS IN MY OWN HEART.”

Is there a proud, haughty spirit? Is there a judging, criticizing, self righteous spirit in my own heart?

Do I have a RESPECTER OF PERSONS SPIRIT? In todays hyper judgemental Body of Christ, some are equating FLASHY DRESSERS with SIN or mishandling of God’s money. Please be aware.


2 Timothy 3:1-5 “false accusers” …

Thus this pastor/writer has had to  simply step  away and apart from socializing, participating in ministry relationships, subgroups,   from these (superior , proud?). BUT I have never once done this out of feeling superior, self righteous or accusative.

It was due to the leading of the Lord, due to the need to apostolically SPIRITUALLY SAFE  GUARD my own 5 fold office senior ministry.

Apostolic Meaning: if “positive applied ” faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God” then so does NEGATIVE words of divisive, accusative Pharisee legalism, which like we mentioned in other articles, is akin to the YEAST of the accusative Pharisees…it puffs up and infects the whole lump of do.

The Accuser of both the brethren and of the sistren, is a religious pride spirit which is critical, accusative, legalistic, and mean, and it  can be transferred and passed down to future ministry generations, whole ministry leader groups and churches. GOD HELP US ALL!

So that is one big reason that I screen what I personally allow to enter  my mind /”receiver”/ “ear gate” as it goes into the “inner heart, leadership spirit.”

For many years, this senior minister used  to have a “3 strikes and your OUT”  In House Rule when accuser pastors,evangelists, workers would try to tell me vile tales about another senior leader/lay person….but that is so rampant now, in this modern day and time, to save my self “Garbage” I now realize who has the complaining, critical judgmental all wise spirit and now spare myself: I now have a TWO STRIKES and YOUR O.U.T. Applied Rule.

ASIDE: I definitely understand that ALL of this is very SUBJECTIVE so each reader must go to God and have HIM advise YOU as to what HE tells YOU to do. But my best tip would probably be: Just follow the Lord’s direction and abide by YOUR CONSCIENCE.

LEADER TIP: Whenever YOU begin to squirm at having to sit through some other other pastor or leader criticize, judge or make fun of how a TV person, another pastor leader looks or acts, definitely regard there comments  a RED FLAG of WARNING. And if/when God tells you, politely remove yourself.




Personally, I have been blessed by the great anointings on pastors who were convicted by their beliefs to dress way way down in jeans and T shirts… and blessed again, by super pumped up fiery power dressers, as well as the many different looks, varying leadership /ministry styles in between.

AND I am not MOVED by any leaders “outer look” therefore it is easy to “receive from” God’s  many different “styles”of senior minister.

I personally like the persons who motivate me, provoke me to thought, who are real, approachable and deep, yet who are not legalistic ,religious or biased. I dislike any form of hype or manipulation, and intensely dislike being pressured  or have to put on a achievement/ performance in order to be accepted.

BUT that’s just MY own Realism Style.

And because the Bible says “the just live by faith.”

And “walking in faith means “not to be moved by anything we hear, see or feel.”

To this writer, this mighty  revelation,   has been one of my own personal BIGGEST Bible understandings….which practically applies in observing the spiritual fruit and deep integrity in the walk of another pastor, leader, lay, rather than being potentially “emotionally moved” by their hair style, ministry leader persona, flamboyance, personal charisma, or money.

And as a  walk in the office of the prophet, chief IFFM apostle, this applies precisely to the walking in the fields of being a PERCEIVER, DISCERNER, APOSTOLIC PROPHETIC SEER.

Thus when I write about “looking past another’s Outer Court” of race, gender, position, appearance, THIS is the principle God revealed to me that is similar to “not being MOVED” anything other  than God’s loving, peace of His “inward witness” “the Holy Spirit” but balanced by deep ongoing study of God’s Holy Bible.

And since I am not MOVED by what I see, feel or hear, but what I ‘discern and perceive” based on/balanced on God’s Word, then I am not moved by how LOUD they speak, or how SOFT, not by how they LAUGH or by how solemn they may act..

It is due to all of this, that God will use many different LEADER TYPES to richly bless me. I once asked God (about 25 years ago) for the gift of “the discernment of spirits.” 

And surely this is a big spiritual part of that. (and by stating that, I only have the apostolic KIND of “discernment of spirits” which helps in emotional intelligence, cluing in on persons actions, attitudes, not seeing UNCLEAN DARK DEMONS on others…and certainly NOT “able to peer into another’s mind.” THAT latter part would NOT be listed in the Holy Spirit but more like occult.**

**Acknowledging: this is a HUGE topic, and I can’t dig too deeply, but it may come at another God directed time. And it is NOT one bit “spooky” “accusing” or “fear based ” but lines up with the ministry leader fruit of James 3:17 and I Timothy 1:7, Book of Ephesians, Eph 5:21


I love the Lord’s many  FLAVORS.

Only the Father truly knows which style hair do or shirt collar style truly  manifests His personal pick of ministry fashion, “up the heavenlies.” I certainly don’t.

And as I previously noted, what gets ME all happy and listening attentively is when whoever it is

Yet, what their LIFESTYLES, GALATIANS 5;22 TRUE FRUIT, HOLY SPIRIT PEACEFUL IN HOUSE ORDER, plus their integrity, whether or not they REALLY RESPECT all makes, types, colors, classes of Human Persons, and whether they are  a LEADER, A LAY, a IMMATURE MINISTER, or a NON BELIEVER…I always ‘observe, discern and inwardly perceive.” (and duly leader note)

The Apostle Paul also commended the Bereans for taking time to  thoroughly examine (pick apart) HIS apostolic leader doctrine…by studying the Scriptures to see if it was “truly so.” (Acts 17:11)

AND in  2 Timothy 3:10-11a, pioneering Paul penned,

“But thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, charity, patience, persecutions, afflictions”

Each “Subgroup Type” minister God has used to bless me has shared a common trait: each person had a pure heart and was, is,  an humble, loving servant of God. Although each person dressed in their uniquely different style, Father God’s kind pure heart permeated through their outward dress and the anointing of God was very strong.



 Because this writer was raised Southern Baptist senior pioneering pastor’s eldest daughter,  but then had an encounter with the Holy Spirit in college.

And being a regional regular part of ongoing pastors, ministry leaders racial reconciliation, real leader repentance for purposes of  ongoing revival, I had never once encountered any fear mongering among God’s Lamp Stands, be their skin color dark or light.

I had been in ongoing concerts of ministry leader prayer and entered into public regional ministry, including media, pastoring, starting in 1986. And it had all been respectful, leader accepting and mostly apostolic humble Ephesians 5:21 mutual respect, interaction without “Big I’s or Little You’s.”

YET, something in the doctrinal mix began to soon change.

There was no apostolic accusative, OT legalism which dubiously manifested in  “over seer Pharisee Watching” all other ministers to see WHO they were or where not viewed as UNDER (and my own leader mind’s hindsight, that was ORGANIC* MINISTRY).(*Meaning: no human additives, or man made mixture)

However,  there is the continual ongoing Body Cultural/Ministry Battlefield which is Biblically referred to as “the world, the flesh and the devil” which will attempt to hinder, block or even force an end to what God’s ever revealing supernatural Holy Spirit truly wants to do.

So in supreme hindsight, this writer takes a look way back in the time before the mid 1990′s , which preceded the time when, for my very first leader time EVER I BEFORE there was what I now refer to as “***Leader Witch Watching Overseer Prying Accusative Doctrine.” *** Mostly heard in deep south, primarily charismatic, overly prophetic grass roots leader Houses.

God often pointed out to me how “leader WINDS OF ACCUSER DOCTRINE” can affect the Local Church Levels of front lines 5 fol office senior ministry: either doing the Name of Jesus Christ MUCH GOOD or bringing it into DISHONOR,even accuser enabling SHAME.

And how one minister or group can express exceedingly GOOD, HEALTHY , non accusative, Bible doctrines on healing, worship, and moving in the gifts, etc, BUT lapse into twisted tainted fruit in NOT understanding genuine applied faith “faith works by apostolic real Love” and no where in the First Church New Testament was there giant overseer peering, to see WHO UNDER WHOM and an in House deeply entrenched patrician over seer achievement hierarchy. (see Patrician and doctrines of the Nicolaitans starting Aug 9, 2013 approximately)

RESPECTFUL APOSTOLIC SELAH: This Cult Following Status Seeking, Seeking To Become Ministry Leader Well Known, has only  surfaced only since media, modern worship mixture and ongoing national Celebrity. Apostle Paul indeed taught in against divisions created by setting one lampstand/leader above another (I Corinthians 1:12 “Don’t say I am for Apollos, I am for Apostle Paul, etc)

God’s Holy Word teaches  us, even  warns us that “Knowledge PUFFS UP (makes arrogant)  but LOVE EDIFIES” I Corinthians 8:1

Ephesians 2: 19 is what each of us need in these days:”to know Christ’s love that PASSES KNOWLEDGE.”

And that is one Bible verse that will well serve EACH ONE of us.

BIG REMINDER: On the day of Judgment, God wants to REWARD us for how we ACTED as born from His LOVE ….instead of HOW MUCH WE (think we) KNOW.

Local pioneering minister accuser watching, tale bearing, rumors based on presumption, apostolic assumption or over sight staying too busy to check gossip out by apostolic Matthew 18:15-18 one to one up front leader Bible loving, direct, respectful confrontation (indeed, True Professional Bible Minister Protocol) dimly reflects on any 5 fold office as it clearly shows emotional, leader immaturity and too often superior  aristocratic over seer leader arrogance.

Furthermore this same ENTITLED OFFICE IMPURE FRUIT repeatedly demonstrates the non bless me Bible, RELATIONSHIP key verses such as Ephesians 4, Matthew 18:15-18 and James 3:17, and Ephesians 5:21 “Mutual submission in the fear of the Lord” (meaning cross 5 fold office universal Lampstands, in marriage, in fellowships with the HEAD OF MINISTRY, HEAD OF GODLY HOME or BUSINESS being the designated servant leader tie breaker).

And as any grass roots prophetic office /mature servant founding leader well understands:

In  all of the heightened apostolic pioneering posturing for position, applied human power, be it in each reader, each  local pastor, minister, “to err is human, to forgive divine.”

WE all certainly ERR (even if just in a minor apostolic field or belief /in House ministry system) and GOD is DIVINE and always right THERE standing, willing and ready to unconditionally accept and FORGIVE.

Indeed, let us each ask the Lord to search our own deepest hearts. Then what ever He tells us to change, we change. But however He tells us to keep, about how HE really wants us to LEAD: we make Him happy by choosing to proceed to do so.

“For all fall short of the glory of God” majorly including this frail, formerly legalistic apostolic person.

And EACH ONE OF US have our own selfish mixture of abject unholy fear, remaining human traditions, very many impure shortcoming, apostolic chief winds of human mixed up leader covering /other doctrines and  a whole long list of SHORT COMINGS…and, once again majorly including ME.

YET, due to loving the Lord and truly understanding HOW VERY MUCH  I AM LOVED BY HIM…this nonfeminist, no  more primarily achievement tradition based writer is NOT ashamed. God even gave me a leader word from the Lord in song, back in 1998.


Thus when we achieve mature theological balance: taking responsibility to be up front, candid, an imperfect as going before the LORD, to enlist His Chief Minister assistance, due to the many apostolic/natural, human, feel a big need to escape tendencies, must be not mistake “self judging ” for “self accusation/ bringing condemnation.”

To do this is simply “owning up” and “taking stock” for the PURPOSES of avoiding big future TROUBLE, even leader death in family, self, ministry. Should we run from, seek to avoid this, we will stop being Bible “pure in leader heart” and will slowly increase in the dullness of perception, over all clear discernment and it will slow down, even hinder, or fully STOP “our*” ministry

(* APOSTOLIC WAKE UP: but it’s not meant to be YOUR own ministry or MY Own Ministry, it is ONLY about it truly being GOD’S OWN SENIOR MINISTRY)

Let me share how for  the Apostle who wrote 2/3 of the New
Testament (shipwrecked pioneering Paul) wrote about HIMSELF. (as he evidently practiced going in before the Lord to allow the Holy Spirit to inspect what was going on inside HIS own apostolic heart, life and Lampstand)

Chief Apostle Paul definitely did not feel either ASHAMED or CONDEMNED when he acknowledged , “when I am WEAK he is STRONG.”

Therefore, being in the senior pioneering Lamp Stand Over All Leadership”   boils down, rather simply, to this:

Bible “being in the senior ministry” is NOT about:


but instead…


CONCLUSION: if the Chief Apostle, Prophet/Elder, Senior Office Lamp stand is clueless about God’s accepting, up front, meek but at times rising up in Tough Love, truly respectful enduring real Love…then based on either the PRESENCE OF or the ABSENCE OF TRUE GENUINE APOSTOLIC LEADER LOVE, then this will help us all DISCERN just WHO IS and WHO IS NOT  a healthy, True Chief Apostle, Real Prophet or other Leader.

Submitted in Selah Form in a James 3:17 apostolic servant fashion.

(C)2006,  2013 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved



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